National densifications of SIRGAS

Immediately after the 1995 SIRGAS campaign, the South American countries concentrated on the modernization of their local geodetic datums through national densifications of SIRGAS and the determination of transformation parameters to migrate the existing geo data from the old reference systems to SIRGAS. At the beginning, these densifications were realised by passive networks, i.e. pillars. Today, they are given by continuously operating GNSS stations.

The activities related to the national densifications and official adoption of SIRGAS by the member countries are coordinated by the SIRGAS-WGII: SIRGAS at national level.


POSGAR07: Posiciones geodésicas argentinas 2007; ITRF2005, epoch 2006.6; 178 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: RAMSAC: Red argentina de monitoreo satelital continuo; 44 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


MARGEN: Marco Geodésico Nacional; SIRGAS95, epoch 1995.4; 125 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: Red de estaciones GPS continuas; 9 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


SIRGAS2000; SIRGAS2000, epoch 2000.4; 1903 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: RBMC: Red brasileira de monitoramento continuo; 147 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


SIRGAS-CHILE; SIRGAS2000, epoch 2002.0; 269 stations included in SIRGAS; updated to ITRF2008 (IGb08), epoch 2016.0 after the Maule earthquake (Feb. 27, 2010)
CON*: Red de estaciones activas fijas; 10 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


MAGNA-SIRGAS: Marco geocéntrico nacional de referencia; SIRGAS95, epoch 1995.4; 70 stations included in SIRGAS, updated to ITRF2008 (IGb08), epoch 2012.0
CON*: MAGNA-ECO: MAGNA estaciones continuas; 40 stations included in SIRGAS-CON

Costa Rica

CR05: Sistema de referencia Costa Rica 2005; ITRF2000, epoch 2005.83; changed to CR-SIRGAS ITRF2008 (IGb08), epoch 2014.59
CON*: Red de estaciones GNSS continuas; 14 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


RENAGE: Red Nacional GPS del Ecuador; SIRGAS95, epoch 1995.4; 135 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: REGME: Red GNSS de monitoreo continuo de Ecuador; 32 stations included in SIRGAS-CON

El Salvador

SIRGAS-ES2007: Red geodésica básica nacional de El Salvador; SIRGAS, epoch 2007.8; 34 stations included in SIRGAS

French Guyana

RGFG: Réseau Géodésique Français de Guyane; ITRF93, epoch 1995.0; 7 stations included in SIRGAS;
1 station included in SIRGAS-CON


Red geodésica nacional pasiva: ITRF1992, época 1988.0; updated to ITRF2008, epoch 2010.0
CON*: RGNA: Red geodésica nacional activa, 16 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


Marco Geodésico Nacional; SIRGAS2000, epoch 2000.0; 17 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: Red Nacional de Estaciones de Referencia de Operación Continua (CORS); 6 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


PERU96: Sistema Geodésico Nacional; SIRGAS95, epoch 1995.4; 47 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: REGPMOC: Red geodésica peruana de monitoreo continuo; 21 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


SIRGAS-ROU98; SIRGAS95, epoch 1995.4; 17 stations included in SIRGAS
CON*: REGNA-ROU: Red geodésica nacional activa; 23 stations included in SIRGAS-CON


SIRGAS-REGVEN: Red geocéntrica venezolana; SIRGAS95, epoch 1995.4; 156 stations included in SIRGAS; updated to ITRF2014, época 2015.5

*CON: Continuously operating stations

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