Mission and objectives of SIRGAS

SIRGAS, as organization, takes care of realizing and maintaining a tri-dimensional geocentric reference system for Latin America, including a unified gravity field-related vertical reference system with global consistency. This objective includes:

a) Definition of a tri-dimensional Cartesian geocentric reference system;

b) Realization and maintenance of a Cartesian geocentric reference frame (network of stations with high-precise geocentric coordinates [X, Y, Z] and their variation with time [Vx, Vy, Vz]);

c) Densification of the continental reference frame in the SIRGAS member countries, as well as the promotion and support of its utilization in practical and scientific applications;

d) Definition and realization of a unified vertical reference system based on the consistent combination of physical and geometric heights, including the determination of the reference frame variations with time.

SIRGAS is a non-profit organisation and its activities are possible thanks the voluntary contribution of more than 50 Latin American agencies and universities.


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