SIRGAS Local Processing Centres, IGS RNAAC SIRGAS, Combination Centres

The Local Processing Centres perform weekly computations of a specified set of SIRGAS stations, guarantying that each station is included in three individual solutions. Their solutions are combined with the core network to provide the final SIRGAS products. At present, the SIRGAS local processing centres are:

CEPGE: Centro de Procesamiento de datos GNSS del Ecuador, Instituto Geográfico Militar (Ecuador)

- Processed stations
- Team:      Marco Amores (marco.amores @
                Javier Benavides (javier.benavides @
                Oswaldo España (oswaldo.espana @
                Lenin Jaramillo (lenin.jaramillo @
                Alejandro Martínez (alejandro.martinez @

CPAGS-LUZ: Centro de Procesamiento y Análisis GNSS SIRGAS de la Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela)

- Processed stations
- Responsible: Víctor Cioce (vcioce @

IBGE: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica (Brazil)

- Processed stations
- Team:    Alberto Luis da Silva (alberto.luis @
                Marco Aurelio de Almeida Lima (marco.almeida @
                Flávio Scofano (flavio.scofano @

IGAC: Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (Colombia)

- Processed stations
- Team:    Ricardo Guevara (jguevara @
                Francisco Mora (fmora @
                Oscar Rodríguez (orodrig @

IGM-Cl: Instituto Geográfico Militar (Chile)

- Processed stations
- Team:    Héctor Parra Bravo (sirgaschile @
                Sergio Rozas Bornes (sirgaschile @
                Ignacio Parada (sirgaschile @
                Claudio Reyes (sirgaschile @

IGN-Ar: Instituto Geográfico Nacional (Argentina)

- Processed stations
- Team:    Sergio Cimbaro (scimbaro @
                Hernán Guagni (hguagni @
                Diego Piñon (dpinon @

INEGI: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (Mexico)

- Processed stations
- Team:    Gabriel Gaytán (gabriel.gaytan @
                Guillermo Gasca (guillermo.gasca @
                Guido González (guido.gonzalez @

IGM-Uy: Instituto Geográfico Militar (Uruguay)

- Processed stations
- Team:    Daniel Piriz (daniel.piriz @
                Gustavo Caubarrère (gustavo.caubarrere @
                Roberto Silveira (roberto.silveira @
                Pedro Sandoval (pedro.sandoval @
                María Pía Sánchez (maria.sanchez @
                Bruno Silveira (bruno.silveira @
                Carolina Kaiser (carolina.kaiser @
                María Belén Gándara (maria.gandara @


The IGS Regional Network Associate Analysis Centre for SIRGAS (IGS RNAAC SIRGAS) usually computed the entire SIRGAS Network (from June 1996 to August 2008) in one block. After the establishment of the SIRGAS Local Processing Centres, the IGS RNAAC SIRGAS is now responsible for the weekly computation of the SIRGAS-C core network and for its combination with the SIRGAS-N national networks. The IGS RNAAC SIRGAS is operated by the

Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut der Technischen Universität München, DGFI-TUM (Germany)

Responsible: Laura Sánchez (lm.sanchez @
Processed stations

Combination Centres

The Combination Centres are responsible for combining the loosely constrained weekly solutions for the SIRGAS-N national networks with the corresponding solution for the SIRGAS-C core network. At present, they are:

Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica, IBGE (Brazil)

Responsible:  Guiderlan Mantovani (guiderlan.mantovani @, Sonia Alves Costa (sonia.alves @

Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut der Technischen Universität München, DGFI-TUM (Germany)

Responsible: Laura Sánchez (lm.sanchez @

The individual weekly solutions of the SIRGAS-CON sub-networks delivered by the Processing Centres and the weekly combinations carried out by the Combination Centres are available at: ... wwww  (wwww = GPS week)


Experimental Processing Centres

Experimental Processing Centres are candidates to become SIRGAS Local Processing Centres. During a specified time period, they align their processing strategies to those required by SIRGAS and demonstrate their capacity for timely and continuously delivery of weekly solutions. Once they satisfy these requirements, they are appointed as official processing centres. During the test period (at least one year), they process a set of SIRGAS-CON stations, but their solutions are not included in the computation of the final SIRGAS products.

Universidad de Santiago de Chile: Centro de Procesamiento y Análisis Geodésico USC (Chile)

- Processed stations
- Team:    José Antonio Tarrío Mosquera (jose.tarrio @
               Marcelo Silva Caverlotti (marcelo.caverlotti @
               José Luis Borcosque Díaz (jose.borcosque @
               Angela Paz Ortega Castro (angela.ortega @
               Bernardo Andres Barraza López (bernardo.barraza @
               Fernando Isla (fernando.isla @
              Gonzalo Andres Lira Carrasco (centro.usc @
               Richard Alfredo Quiroga Rivas (centro.usc @
               Karina Alejandra Salinas Padilla (centro.usc @
               Patricio Ignacio Manuel Dario Cepeda Vargas (centro.usc @
               Bastian Ignacio Figueroa Carvajal (centro.usc @
               Jesarella Betania Inzunza Muñoz (centro.usc @

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