Stations with real time services in the SIRGAS region

The Departamento de Geotopocartografía of the Escuela de Agrimensura of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Ingeniería y Agrimensura of the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina) keeps updated the inventory of the stations with real time data trasmission facilities available in the SIRGAS region (...more)

Experimental SIRGAS Caster

Under the umbrella of this activity, a service called Experimental SIRGAS Caster has been implemented with the main purpose of publishing GNSS data in real time using NTRIP. This caster is hosted by the Laboratorio del Grupo de Geodesia Satelital de Rosario, at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. The identification of the caster is IP: Port: 2101.

The data access is free of charge; however, users are requested to fill a registration form out, where they accept the terms of use, and apply for a username and a password to have access to the data. The registration form is available at .At the moment, observations of some permanent GNSS stations in the region, as well as satellite ephemeris and clock corrections are published in real time. With this, (real time) applications based on relative positioning or on precise point positioning can be performed.

Operators of SIRGAS-CON stations or SIRGAS National Data Centres interested in making their data through this caster available are welcome. The corresponding registration form is available at


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