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Global Geodetic Reference Frame for Sustainable Development: Where places and people are

The 26th of February, 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted its first Resolution on the Global Geodetic Reference Frame for Sustainable Development. With this Resolution, it is recognized the importance of a globally–coordinated approach to Geodesy: the science focused on accurately measuring the shape, rotation and gravity field of planet Earth. SIRGAS, as the responsible for the reference frame in Latin America and the Caribbean, contributes to this initiative together with the International Association of Geodesy (IAG), the Pan-American Institute for Geography and History (PAIGH), the Regional Committee of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for the Americas (UN-GGIM: Americas) y GeoSur.

More information about the adopted Resolution in this link.

New SIRGAS-CON stations

The following stations are added in January 2015 to the SIRGAS-CON network:

Brazil: AMTE (Tefe), MSCO (Corumba), PICR (Corrente), PIFL (Floriano), RNPF (Pau dos Ferros), RSCL (Cerro Largo), RSPE (Pelotas), SPDR (Dracena), SPLI (Lins-Unilins), SPPI (Piracicaba), SPSO (Sorocaba), SPTU (Tupa)
Uruguay: UYCL (Melo), UYRI (Rivera)

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