SIRGAS is a non-profit organization which main objectives are focused on the definition, implementation and maintenance of a three-dimensional reference frame for the Americas, including a vertical system of physical reference. The SIRGAS initiatives are devoted to the continuous improvement of its components in order to stay at the forefront in geodetic issues and satisfy more effectively the requirements of its users.

As a member of the Commission 1 (Reference Frames) of the International Association of Geodesy —IAG— and, as a Working Group of the Commission of Cartography of the Pan American Institute of Geography and History —PAIGH—, SIRGAS provides suitable support for the development and combination of practical and scientific activities related to precise coordinates determination, navigation, geoscience research and multidisciplinary applications. The successful performance of SIRGAS as a reference and technical community is possible by the maintenance of an active social network composed by individuals and organizations working together towards achieving the objectives of the initiative.

SIRGAS advances, ongoing activities, and new challenges are discussed in the annual Symposia. This time, the Instituto Geográfico Militar of Ecuador has kindly offered to host the symposium SIRGAS2016 in the City of Quito, between 16 and 18 November. Besides the Symposium sessions, a workshop will be held on November 21-25, related to the main topics SIRGAS vertical reference system.

The Instituto Geográfico Militar makes available the website in which are explained the organizational and logistical details (registration fees, call for abstracts, venue, accommodation possibilities, etc.)

To be included in the mailing list, please send an email to with name, field of interest, and institution.

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