Weekly positions generated by DGFI-TUM for the SIRGAS stations

Weekly station positions aligned to the IGS reference frame are generated for the whole SIRGAS-CON network (SIRGAS-C core network + SIRGAS-N national reference networks) after combining the loosely constrained weekly solutions delivered by the SIRGAS Processing Centres. An IGS reference frame corresponds to a subset of ITRF positions and velocities for a selected set of GNSS reference stations used as the fiducial points for the determination of the IGS satellite orbits, satellite clocks offsets, and Earth orientation parameters as well as the corrections for the phase centre variations (PCV) at both transmitting and receiving GNSS antennas. As globally there is no translation, rotation or scale difference between both ITRF and IGS reference frame, products referring to the latter are considered to be nominally in the ITRF. According to the current practice, the publication of a new ITRF is quickly followed by the release of an updated IGS reference frame solution, which profits from the improved ITRF solution and the update of the GNSS PCV models. The SIRGAS weekly processing refers to the same IGS reference frame, in which the satellite orbits are determined.

The file name of the DGFI-TUM weekly combination is siryyPwwww:

yy represent the last two digits of the year,
P stays for GPS(GNSS) technique,
wwww is the GPS week.

Weekly solutions computed before GPS week 1400 (November 4, 2006) were reprocessed including absolute corrections for the phase center variations of the GNSS antennae (see [IGSMAIL-5189], [IGSMAIL-5272]) and applying IGS05 as reference frame (see [IGSMAIL-5438], [IGSMAIL-5447], [IGSMAIL-5455]). These reprocessed solutions are identified with si1yyPwwww.crd.

Weekly station positions between November 4, 2006 (GPS week 1400) and April 16, 2011 (GPS week 1631) refer to the IGS05 frame (see [IGSMAIL-5438], [IGSMAIL-5447], [IGSMAIL-5455]).

Weekly station positions between April 17, 2011 (GPS week 1632) and October 6, 2012 (GPS week 1708) refer to the IGS08 frame (see [IGSMAIL-6354], [IGSMAIL-6355], [IGSMAIL-6356]).

Weekly station positions from October 7, 2012 (GPS week 1709) to January 28, 2017 (GPS week 1933) refer to the IGb08 frame (see [IGSMAIL-6663]).

Weekly station positions from January 29, 2017 (GPS week 1934) to May 16, 2020 (GPS week 2105) refer to the IGS14 frame (see [IGSMAIL-7399]).

Weekly station positions after May 17, 2020 (GPS week 2106) refer to the IGb14 frame, an updated version of IGS14 (see [IGSMAIL-7921]).

Files with extension crd contain the final weekly SIRGAS-CON positions. Files with extension SUM are the corresponding reports.

  Week            Epoch                   Coordinates         Report

   2225   2022-08-31 (2022.666)    sir22P2225.crd   SIR22257.SUM
   2224   2022-08-24 (2022.647)    sir22P2224.crd   SIR22247.SUM
   2223   2022-08-17 (2022.627)    sir22P2223.crd   SIR22237.SUM
   2222   2022-08-10 (2022.608)    sir22P2222.crd   SIR22227.SUM
   2221   2022-08-03 (2022.589)    sir22P2221.crd   SIR22217.SUM
   2220   2022-07-27 (2022.570)    sir22P2220.crd   SIR22207.SUM
   2219   2022-07-20 (2022.551)    sir22P2219.crd   SIR22197.SUM

Solutions for previous weeks are available at (please ckeck if your Internet browser is able to open FTP links, if not, please open the link using a Windows-Explorer window):

ftp.sirgas.org/pub/gps/SIRGAS/ ... wwww ... (wwww= GPS week)


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